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Since 1992 we have been an independent developer of games that have been written with the casual gamer in mind, but are also ideal for the young and old alike. Most of our software is for the PC under Windows, but we now also develop titles for the Apple Mac. All of these titles can be found on our Games page.

For those that are into emulating older hardware, or even have a working antique knocking around, then our Emulation section has our older titles for the Atari ST and also the BBC Micro.

Please check back here and our new Facebook page for all the latest updates.

SUMMER PRICE DROP - Rockfall games now available at reduced prices 17th August 2013
Rockfall : Deluxe EditionYes folks, our flagship game and its predecessor are now available for knock-down prices.

Rockfall DX is now available for the new price of jusr US$7.95, representing a reduction of 20% from the original price of US$9.95. This game is available for PC and Mac.

For those with older PCs, the original Rockfall can now be had for the great price of US$3.95, a saving of 25% from the previous price of US$4.95.

Rockfall DX - OUT NOW for Mac OS X 25th February 2012
Now all you Apple Mac owners can partake in the fun and frolics of our little friend, Spud. Rockfall DX has now been released for OS X users. For more information, the link to a free trial, and even the purchase link, please go to the main game page.
Rockfall DX - OUT NOW for PC 17th February 2012
Rockfall : Deluxe EditionWell, it's been a long time coming, but Rockfall DX (Deluxe Edition) is finally out for PC (Mac version will be following soon).

Re-live Spud's gem grabbing fun in an extended remix of the orignal PC game, spanning five level sets and 242 levels, from the quick and easy in the very first Rockfall games, to the more advanced found in the new game.

For more information visit the main page.

We have the technology... Web and Android games are a go 26th November 2011
We have spent the last couple of days messing around with the tools that we will need in order to produce web based games (for Flash and HTML5), but more importantly for Android as well. You can find a simple Rockfall DX teaser for Flash here. But don't worry, we intend to get Rockfall DX for PC and Mac out the door first.
SOS Software now on Facebook 8th October 2011
We thought it was about time that SOS Software entered this Facebook craze, so we have now done exactly that. Come and visit us at We'll keep the page updated with any news we have, as well as answer any questions you may have on a public forum for all to see. Oh, and don't forget to like us!